Team 高兴 (Gao Xing) from MPI wins second prize in International Students’ Handbook Competition 我院“高兴”团队荣获国际学生手册知识竞赛二等奖

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In order to make new students more acquainted with the school rules and regulations, the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation of Zhejiang Normal University (ZJNU) held on the evening of November 9, 2018 the final of International Students’ Handbook Competition. The event took place at the student activity center second floor, and the college of Mathematics, Physics and Information Engineering (MPI), valuably represented by a team of four amazing students, won the second place.


Figure 1. Team Gao Xing. From left to right: Melissa, Anna, Abdulai (team leader), Paschal.

图一为Melissa, Anna, Abdulai(队长),Paschal(从左到右)

This was the first season of a contest aimed to measure how much and fast new students (both undergraduate and graduate students) get familiar with ZJNU’s school rules and regulations as covered in its annually made available International Students’ Handbook.


Preliminaries were organized at college level where top contestants teamed up in groups of four to represent their respective colleges at the finals. Team Gao Xing was made of Yakubu Abdulai (team leader and Computer Science undergraduate), Chigwanda Tanaka Melissa (Material science undergraduate), Paschal Constantine KULWA(Software Engineering graduate student) and PREKO AMA KYEREWAA (Mathematics graduate student). The common goal to make every student conscious of the schoolrules and regulations made these four amazing students surmount difficulties and obstacles during the preparations for the finals as stated by the team leader Abdulai, “Well, as you know, group work is not easy at all, to start with. Everyone has his own schedule which might conflict with the group’s program and progress might not be that noticeable. However, with patience and keeping in mind the goal set by ZJNU for this contest we managed to sort all these issues out.” As a team leader, Gao Xing also ensured that the morale of the team was kept high, especially when other teams would boast about how well they were prepared and ready for the finals.

通过各自学院组织的初赛,选出了本次比赛的决赛选手,四人一组分别代表各自的学院参加本次决赛。我院高兴团队由来自计算机科学与技术(英文)的本科生Yakubu Abdulai高兴,队长)、材料科学与工程(英文)本科生Chigwanda Tanaka Melissa(万达)、软件工程硕士生Paschal Constantine KULWA(孔清)和数学系硕士PREKO AMA KYEREWAA(阿玛)组成。赛后我们从队长高兴处得知,在准备本次决赛的过程中这四位优秀的参赛选手克服种种困难,突破重重阻碍:“你知道,开展团队工作一点儿也不容易,每个人都需要有自己的时间去完成自己的事,难免与我们各自的时间安排有些冲突,这就影响了我们整个团队的工作效率。但是这些困难最后都被我们克服了”。队长高兴还幽默地表示他们队员的士气非常高,尤其是听到其他组在吹嘘自己对于本次决赛准备多么充分的时候,早就想摩拳擦掌地和其他组在舞台上一决高下了。

Figure 2. Anna and Abdulai holding the competition certificate and happy about their achievement.


The finals consisted of three stages. First, each team had to make a presentation of a subset of school rules and regulations using PowerPoint slides or videos. This part was assessed on conciseness, and format of the presentation. Second, each team had to pick blindly a number associated to questions that it will have to answer. Last, contestants had to identify errors, and bring corrections to incorrectly stated or misinterpreted school rules and regulations presented to them.


Figure 3. Abdulai holding the competition certificate


The contest was not only fun to take part in, but also had some positive outcome as revealed to us by the team leader, “I always thought reading such handbooks was worthless until now,  thanks to the contest, which made me read the whole book cover to cover, I have realized that while I was reading the book I was getting much more ideas about the school rules and regulations and even China’s law. This encourages me to read more and more so that I won't put myself into troubles”.




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